Wouldn’t It Be Great…

January 28, 2009


Sometimes during the most unusual times in my life I, like many others, come up with some great ideas (or at least I think so). Usually when this happens I am running around looking for a piece of scrap paper, the back of an envelop, or anything that I can use to write my thoughts on before they disappear. But what happens after that? For many of us these thoughts seem to find their way to the round filing container next to our desk after some time has past. This is why I wonder what could have been, what great idea was dreamed up but never acted on. For this reason alone I want to make it my mission to create and develop a central location where all dreamers are welcome. A place to share ideas, develop them, and find those that believe in what in means to pour your heart and soul into something great. If there is anyone else with this passion I implore you to reach out. Let us work together to build a home for future entrepreneurs to come. Who’s out there? Who would love the opportunity to help in such an idea. Can we not build it?


My 2 Cents

December 17, 2008

The world of entrepreneurship is one that fascinates me to know end. How can a person take a small individualistic idea where they mold and shape it into something with great potential. The human mind is a powerful tool. Yes, I believe that we all have the ability to dream of great things. The question is whether or not we have the ability to do anything about it. I have always said we do; I truly believe that. This blog is dedicated to such an idea.

Over the short time that I have begun to explore what it really (and I mean really) takes to become a true entrepreneur, one that is successful is so much more then an idea or a dream. There is a lot of hard work that goes into making a dream reality. It is my goal that through the use of this medium along with other things that I am working on there can one day be a place where we all can bring our dreams to share. Together working with each others dreams we can make them become a reality.

Not so long ago many of men were in the same position as we are today. They too faced tough economic times. Looking back on history there is something that stands out to me far beyond everything else. Even then our great country fostered the idea that to be great meant that we had to have great ideals. From the car, to the airplane, to the multitude of advancements that we have made using computer technology we are a country founded on such simple yet possible dreams. During our time now is ever so important that we do not lose site of what made us who we are today. With your help we will define who we will become in the future.

Nathan McIntyre