The jobseeker maze.

December 18, 2008

Almost a year ago I started a new project with a couple of friends of mine. It was too simple of an idea. Our plan was to help everyday people find better jobs using the Internet. Now I can hear you saying to yourself “that already exists”. I agree this is true. There are a number of job search engines that are on the Internet with more and more are showing up every day. A real problem that hiring companies face and cannot ignore is the fact that the masses have migrated online. These same companies must then include virtual job boards in their candidate search for fear of missing “the big fish that got away”. With that being said, I still believe that there are a number of fundamental errors that need to be addressed if we are going to continue using the Internet as a method for securing talent.

Problem #1: Many candidates state that there is so much clutter on job boards today how will they ever find the “right” job?

Simple, they won’t. There is no way to currently filter through everything that is out there. The problem is that for every potential good job out there 100 of them you would never even consider. Job boards are not there to help you find a job; they are there to make money. The more job seekers they have in their pool the more an Internet recruiter can charge a company to post they opening on their site. Sure they all say they will help you find a job but really, who has honestly found their dream job on Monster? If you have let me know.

Problem #2: Can I make myself a person rather then purely a number in the eyes of a company and still use the job boards?

Not yet. What easier way is there today to find candidates for a job then to sift through a job board while putting in a couple of filters, key words, and restrictions. There is none. Let me explain through the use of an example.

You have Tim a job seeker looking for a job. He has taken the time to post his resume on a number of job boards to start the search for his new career. His qualifications are fantastic; great work history, excellent performance, etc. The problem is that he hates (for lack of a better word) what he does.

In this example, most of the companies that are looking for a candidate with their criteria that fits would miss out on Tim. Any other company would simply miss him because he does not fit their profile of a good candidate. This is all wrong in my mind. What if Tim has a passion for the great outdoors and know everything about Geo-Cache (GPS tracking), and trail hiking? This would never go on a professional resume and more then likely he would never be qualified to apply for a job applying his skills.

Now it is my hope that one day Tim will be able to get his dream job but currently using today’s job boards and removing the “person” from the job search he many never have this opportunity. I want to make a change, a charge forward to the future of how hiring is done. With your help we can make a dream become reality. Who is with me?