Losing your Job?

December 24, 2008

Is your job safe? Or, are you like many others that have already faced the harsh reality that the job, your job, that you worked so hard at and poured your soul into is now gone. Are you part of the millions that are lost without an identity of who you are? For many of us when a job loss takes place its impact on us is more then we ever could have anticipated. There are many phases that accompany a loss of employment. Friendships with former coworkers are put on hold because it becomes too uncomfortable to talk about work when you don’t feel like you belong there anymore. Depression and doubts of self worth begin to creep in when you start seeking new employment and received those dreaded letters of rejection. How strong are you mentally? The level of competition that you are certainly going to face for those few jobs that are out there will be fierce. So I ask, what are you going to do, where do you start, and how do you pick up the pieces of your professional life that were shattered with one quick swing of the corporate ax? This is what I call “gut check time”.

For many of us the jobs we left are gone forever and more then likely those same companies that you worked for will never fill those positions again. So you are wondering where do we go from here. Simple, we need to create new jobs, better jobs, which will lead us into the future. What are they? I have some ideas but I would like to hear what you have to say. Take a moment to respond. In the next couple of days I will outline where I think we need to go. Until then lets here it; what do you have to say?



Life’s Journey, What Happened?

December 19, 2008

Ever sit back and remember what it was like to be a kid. You know the time when you pretended to be the person who you saw yourself as when you were all grown up. Who was it? What did you do? Now ask yourself this. What happened? Today that is the question that I am wrestling with. In my time of self-reflection I have to ask this simple but complex question of what happened between the time when I was a child sure of whom I was to become and who I am today.

I have yet to discover where things began to make the turn. Sometimes I think about the small (or even large) bumps in the road of life. Did I lose focus on my dream, or was that I just became influenced in other ways. For me I wanted to be a Doctor; I just didn’t want to take all those classes and be in school that long. Funny thing is that for all the years that I did put in to finally complete my degrees I could have been.

So here I am today, far from becoming a doctor, with way to many obligations in my life to fulfill my childhood dream questioning where I go from here. Can someone who lost the way early on find that passion from his or her childhood once again? It seems to me that once the course of life’s journey has been charted that it is ever so increasingly hard to change direction. Not to say that I still want to be a Doctor of medicine anymore but there are some things that I would like to pursue as a career. The question now is how. How do I show my ability to do what I dream? Can I even get in the door or will I forever be labeled as a person with a career in sales? Can you make the change and start to chase your dream, your life’s ambition? Let’s come together and help each other in charting a new course. A life full with happiness and satisfaction.

Finally, if you enjoy what you read please make time to comment or even follow my blog. Also, if you have any suggestions let me know because together we can achieve our life’s journey!

Nathan McIntyre